Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Hole - by William Meikle

4 of 5 Stars

The Hole starts off with a pretty good opening line.  "The hum started just after midnight."  OK, I'm hooked.  Right away, I want to know more.  Having just seen an episode of Syfy's new series, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, where Joe investigates a strange hum in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, that's been driving the locals batty, I immediately wanted to know what William Meikle's take would be on such an occurrence.

In Meikle's story, those who hear the hum, also suffer nose-bleeds, and at Hopman's Hollow, there's a growing hole in the ground that threaten's to swallow the owner's septic tank and eventually much more.

What we have with The Hole is one of the better character studies I've read in quite some time.  Diverse townspeople brought together by a catastrophe that puts every one of them in imminent danger and, thanks to the military and CDC, leaves them with no way to escape.  Tempers flair, leaders are tested and unlikely heroes are born.  In this respect, it reminds me a bit of Stephen King's "Under the Dome."  The cast of characters is quite a bit smaller, but well developed, with people you care about and one in particular you can't wait to see get knocked off.

The Hole is filled (see what I did there?) with surprises.  The cause is explained, to a degree, but there was a good deal left to the imagination.  All in all, I found The Hole to be a very enjoyable read which I am happy to recommend.

The Hole is available now in both print and kindle format through Amazon.com from Dark Fuse press. In addition, if you have Amazon Prime you can get the book for FREE through the Kindle Lending Library.

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