Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Clearing - by Thomas Rydder - A fresh take on the Werewolf story

5 of 5 Stars

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A relatively new voice in horror, Thomas Rydder delivers in a big way in The Clearing, his first full-length novel.

Beth and her adopted daughter, Lizzie, live in the quiet community of Hemingway in Western Pennsylvania.  And there's the newest member of their little family, a shelter dog which Lizzie named Flapjack.

Rydder does a great job of characterizing the close relationship between Lizzie and Flapjack.  But then things begin to change as Flapjack starts hearing creatures within his brain, calling to him to join them, to leave the comforts of his life and to lead the brotherhood.

I guess it's no secret that The Clearing is a Werewolf story, especially since the writer actually wanted to call it "Werewolves and Flapjacks" which I kinda like as a title.

Without giving too much away, The Clearing, is a very well-written horror story.  One which takes ordinary people and places them in extraordinary situations.  There is a body count that includes characters that you might not expect to be torn to shreds.  And for romantics, there is a budding romance between Beth and Sheriff Frank Cutlip.

When the Sheriff's brother, Adam is bit and turns, the quest becomes a race to somehow save Adam and destroy the pack.

That's just an outline, there are so many twists and turns and discoveries along the way that it made The Clearing an excitingly original page-turning adventure I just didn't want to put down.  Even though the book is fine as a stand-alone novel, I understand a sequel is in the works and that's one I'll be on the lookout for.

The Clearing was released on March 1st from Greyhart Press.  Be sure to check out their FREE ebook program.

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