Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Southern Hauntings Saga: The Lurker - by Bryan Hall - Another great story in this series

5 of 5 Stars      Review Copy

The Lurker is the third installment in the popular Southern Hauntings Saga from writer Bryan Hall.

It all started in May of 2012 with the publication of The Vagrant, a story which introduced us to Creighton Northgate, a man shrouded in mystery and on the run from a past he doesn't even fully understand.  In August of 2012 he released The Girl.  In both books, Crate, (after three books, I think I've earned the right to call him Crate).  Anyway, in both of those stories Crate uses his ability to communicate with the dead to resolve problems for the people who have hired him to help.  It's his gift and his curse.

In the third installment, I expected more of the same and that would have been OK, but instead, the author brings his protagonist to Sutton's Mill, North Carolina to help with their rather unique situation.

I found myself sliding into the world of Crate Northgate to be like putting on comfortable slippers after a hard day on my feet.  I like Hall's way with words, he brings conversations to life with colorful language like, " I live in a little single-wide trailer.  You can hear a squirrel farting in the trees outside through them walls they're so thin."

The writing gets getter with each new story, as well.  In my opinion, The Lurker is the best so far and I loved the way the writer kept the series from becoming too predictable.

Although The Lurker can be read as a stand alone work I recommend reading The Vagrant  and The Girl and I have no doubt there will be more books in the Southern Hauntings Saga, including a trip back home in Crate's future, where I have a feeling all Hell could break loose.

This book is highly recommended and keep 'em coming Bryan Hall.

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