Friday, January 4, 2013

Golgotha - By S. W. Tanpepper - Prequel to Gameland - A new take on the Zombie mythos

5 of 5 Stars

Richard Daniels is a Special Adviser to the President of the United States.  Eugene Douglas Halliwell is a, Nobel prize winning, professor of immunology at Royce State College.

The former is playing an extremely disturbing recording made by the later.  In the recording Daniels and his team at the Pentagon are accused of developing a new infectious species of virus with the codename of Qangxi.  Kuang shi  is a Chinese word referring to a creature in their mythology.  Present at the playing of this recording, along with Richard Daniels, is his interrogator, a young senator by the name of Lawrence Abrams, chairman of the senate's defense oversight committee and the Colonel, commander of the new Marine fighting force known as Omegamen.  You probably get a pretty good idea where this is going.
Golgotha, is a tightly written, fast paced, short, that quickly convinced me, that I had to read Gameland, the series for which Golgotha is the prequel.  I liked this so much, I actually bought the omnibus edition of the eight book series and I'm already well into book one, Deep Into the Game, and enjoying it immensely.

For me, discovering Saul Tanpepper, has started off my 2013 reading year with fireworks.
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