Monday, September 10, 2012

The Bad Place - by Lincoln Crisler - Very effective short story

4 of 5 Stars

Lincoln Crisler's body of work consists of over thirty short stories, two novellas and editorship of two anthologies, most recently the very successful Corrupts Absolutely?, an anthology of dark superhero fiction.

Recenly he tossed this one into the mix.  Definitely a stand-alone short story and a intriguing one at that.

The Bad Place is also a very dark place, on several levels.  Both Judy and Joey are being abused by their father who will punish then by putting them in The Bad Place.  When Joey disappears from there, things gets very interesting.

The idea of using a Time Machine to escape child abuse is quite imaginative.  Of course, this being a horror story rather than Science Fiction, you just sort of know things aren't going to go well. And Crisler doesn't let us down.

Only 16 pages, but an excellent read.  Available at and if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE as one of your monthly selections from the Kindle Lending Library.

While you're shopping you might want to pick up Licoln Crisler's Corrupts Absolutely?, which I plan on reading, hopefully in the near future.

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