Monday, June 11, 2012

The Hungry 2: The Wrath of God - by Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon - Zombie fun

5 of 5 Stars

The wedding dress may be gone, but Sheriff Penny Miller is back.  If you don't get the reference, then you haven't read The Hungry, a situation you truly ought to rectify ASAP.

When last we saw Sheriff Penny Miller, she and a band of misfits had managed to get away from the Crystal Palace, the Top Secret base that was birthplace of the zombie apocalypse.  Now, the military wants them to return, in an effort to retrieve vital information.  Information that may lead to a cure or, in the wrong hands, could make things a whole lot worse.

Penny doesn't want to do it, but when the Government lays a whole lotta money on the table and when everyone else opts in, somebody's gotta go to try and keep them all from all from becoming Zombie chow.

To make matters worse, for Penny and her crew, they are burdened with a team of top notch military types, led by Major Francine Hanratty--dubbed Rat by her peers.  They've been pulled from the middle of a firefight halfway around the world and for what?  Zombies?  They aren't too happy, either.

No time is wasted getting into the action in The Hungry 2: The Wrath of God.    I love the way the writers, Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon give the characters fun dialog, "dead as a Kardashian New Year's resolution come February" and "If brains were leather you wouldn't have enough to saddle a June bug." being fine examples.

There are more than a few delicious twists to keep you guessing, including what's up with "The WrATh of GoD!" they keep seeing written on walls here and there.

True, if you only ready literary masterpieces, this might not be for you, but if you read for fun and if you're looking for a great summer read for that weekend at the beach, the lake, your cabin in the woods or even curled up on the sofa in your air-conditioned living room.  This is the one, especially if you have a hankerin' for some Zombies.

Considering I've noticed where the books are now being tagged as The Sheriff Penny Miller Series I wouldn't be surprised to see The Hungry 3 somewhere down the line.

The Hungry 2: The Wrath of God is available for pre-order from Apple iBookstore on iTunes.

On July 6, 2012, The Hungry 2: The Wrath of God will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, and from your local and online bookstores throughout North America and Europe, and Australia.

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